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September 24, 2015
Web Design

Given the Rights

The 501 Law Firm located in Saint Charles, Mo sought out my help when it was decided they needed a fresh redesign of their website. It needed to be updated in a modern day style and functionality that would be easily navigated by pursuant clientele across both Desktop and Mobile Devices.

The Pillars of Design

With functionality in mind I decided to go with a minimal and to the point structuring of content and features. This meant multifunctional sections to keep it down to a two page website. The first area to acquire this feature was the Services section. With nine separate categories of law being practiced and multiple partners practicing them, there needed to be an uncluttered solution to display this information. After tinkering with a few designs I finally decided upon a neat, simple and functional way to do so. Simply clicking on the service you seek displays the name(s) of the partner(s) within that field of practice.

My final task of multifunctionality came about when displaying each partner's individual qualifications and backgrounds. To achieve this I relied upon a section using tab functions.

After finishing the Home page I continued on to formulating a clean cut Contact page complete with a form submission and an interactive Google Map.

Proven Admissable

Once finished and to my liking I presented the website to the firm and was given their affirmation on the design. Currently it is pending a final URL transfer.

Need a qualified Attorney in the Saint Louis area?

Cody Wiggins

I'm a self taught freelancer within the fields of Web and Graphic Design as well as 3D modeling. I use but am not limited to Photoshop, Webflow and Inventor.

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