Jeep CJ Evaporation Canister

March 2, 2016
3D Modeling

A Jeepforum member contacted me about a hard to find part known as the Fuel Evaporation Canister that he was attempting to rebuild. Unfortunately while pulling it apart the bottom half that holds the contents inside broke. Luckily there was enough there to be measured, allowing me to model it and allow for an OEM spec replacement to be printed.

The original part that broke when he took it off
Just some of the measurement locations

To get the proper measurements I sent him his pictures back with labels of what I needed and an interactive word document to fill in.

Modeled to OEM spec and ready to be printed
Cody Wiggins

I'm a self taught freelancer within the fields of Web and Graphic Design as well as 3D modeling. I use but am not limited to Photoshop, Webflow and Inventor.

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